Thursday, September 1

What's this "cause-and-effect" stuff?

Further to my previous post on the CERN experiment that seems to have proved pretty conclusively that global warming is caused by cosmic rays seeding cloud formation, and that cosmic rays vary on their own without any man-made influence:

A commenter at PJM noted that this unexpected discovery opens up lots of other possibilities for similar surprising breakthroughs:

Could high government spending possibly have an effect on our huge national debt?

Could extortionate union rules have anything to do with businesses moving overseas?

Could the distrust of Muslims have anything to do with their habit of launching terrorist attacks?

Could the government paying welfare to single mothers possibly have any effect on the increasing number of out-of-wedlock births?

Could the burden of ObamaCare, increasingly harsh regulations and inflammatory anti-business rhetoric have anything to do with unemployment, and the reluctance of small businesses to add new employees?

Gee, it's hard to imagine that there could possibly be any cause-and-effect relationship with any of the above. It just doesn't seem logical.

No more logical than thinking the sun might be the major factor in any global warming.


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