Sunday, September 11


On this tenth anniversary of 9/11 I urge y'all to click here and read Mark Steyn's take.

Steyn isn't a U.S. citizen but he nails what's wrong with America better than anyone.

Our government and education system--including prestigious universities--have been taken over by "political correctness" and "metrosexuals," and until we get rid of the perps at the top of each of those institutions, Muslim fanatics will keep up their efforts to explode things here--because there's no down-side to doing so.

Palestinians celebrated the acts of 9/11 not only then but also yesterday.

To Rick Perry and the other GOP candidates: Pledge that your first act if you're elected will be to kill *every penny* of the $300 MILLION taxpayer dollars "our" government gives the Palestinians every year. Zero *everything,* including food aid.

If the rest of the world loves 'em so much, let the rest of the world give 'em what they wish.

Then just wait for the first liberal twit to whine that we're being mean to the poor folks.

If they wanted our money and food, perhaps someone on their side of the fence should have told 'em it wasn't very smart to celebrate the murder of 3000 Americans.


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