Sunday, June 19

Senate to solve tunnel problem: make 'em illegal.

As you may know, they keep finding tunnels between Mexico and the U.S.

What you don't know is the severity of the trend: In the 11 years between 1990 and 2001 they found 12. But in the ten years since then, they've found 125.

Either we're looking a lot harder or the drug cartels are building ten times more of the things.

So what does our worthless congress do? The linked article (at a Dem-supporting site) assures us that they're "stepping up congressional efforts to combat the growing use of tunnels along the southwest border."

Okay, so what does that involve, exactly? Well, Sen. Diane Feinstein "plans to introduce a bill that would make the use, construction, or financing of a border tunnel a conspiracy offense."

Hey, wow Diane! That'll sure fix things all right! Make dem tunnels illegal. Dat'll fix it.

Diane, you ignorant waste of carbon: Mexicans are pouring into the country illegally every day by the thousands. If they're willing to break our laws to be here, why in the world would you think yet another law would have any deterrent effect whatsoever?

Just shows how clueless congress is. Insulated from all real-world problems, concerned only with their own re-election, their inability to identify and solve real-world problems comes as no surprise.

If the GOP should win a majority in the senate, and doesn't clean up with a fire-axe, I suspect the GOP will be thrown out again post-haste.


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