Friday, November 19

Let's frisk more kids at airports

Most people with common sense can easily see what our gubmint is doing that's crazy or wrong. One is Ann Coulter. Here's what she says about airport security (edited):

After the 9/11 attacks, when Muslim terrorists hijacked four passenger jets by using box-cutters, the government ordered that no one could bring sharp objects on commercial airplanes.

Airport security began confiscating little old ladies' knitting needles and passengers' nail clippers. Surprisingly, no decrease in the number of hijacking attempts by little old ladies and manicurists was noted.

After another Muslim terrorist, Richard Reid, tried to blow up a passenger jet with explosives in his shoes, the government ordered all passengers to remove their shoes at the security checkpoint. It also ordered that no one could take more than three ounces of liquid on airline flights.

Neither action has caught even one terrorist attack.

After a Muslim passenger tried to detonate explosives in his underwear over Detroit last Christmas, the government began requiring nude body scans at airports.

The machines, which cannot detect chemicals or plastic, would not have caught the diaper bomber. So, again, it's highly unlikely that any hijackers will be stopped, but being able to see through a babe's clothes will surely boost the morale of TSA agents.

Last year, a Muslim tried to murder a Saudi Arabian prince by blowing himself up with a bomb stuck up his anus. Fortunately this didn't happen near an airport or Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano would be requiring full body cavity searches of passengers.

You can't stop a terrorist attack by searching for the explosives any more than you can stop crime by taking away everyone's guns.

It's similarly pointless to treat all Americans as if they're potential terrorists while trying to find and confiscate anything that could be used as a weapon.

What you have to search for is...terrorists.

Fortunately that's the one advantage we have in this war: So far virtually all the terrorists have been swarthy, foreign-born, Muslim males. This would give us a major leg up, if only our politicians and bureaucrats weren't insane.

If all bombers so far had been Swedish, is there any doubt that we'd be looking for Swedes? If the Irish Republican Army were bombing our planes, wouldn't we be looking for people with Irish surnames and an Irish appearance?

But because the terrorists are Muslims--screechy, litigious and lawyered up--we pretend not to notice who keeps trying to blow up our planes.

Instead, Napolitano keeps ordering more invasive searches of grandmothers and 3-year-old kids. It's crazy.

Now Napolitano has ordered TSA agents to grope breasts and genitalia of anyone who declines to go through the 'nude X-ray scanner.'

It's crazy.
She's got a point.


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