Monday, August 2

What happens when there's a war but only one side knows?

For the past two decades, Western elites--politicians and opinion-molders--have been running a scam that transfers the consequences of their own personal foolishness (and/or evil) onto the entire population. This is happening now in every Western democracy.

Thus instead of allowing huge, incompetent, corrupt or bankrupt companies to fail, pols have used the taxpayers' money to cover the losses, whether by buying company stock, making loans or just outright giving tax dollars to foundering companies. They were aided in this by Leftist journalists in the mainstream media who supported the effort, whereas historically the Left had always screamed bloody murder at "corporate welfare" if pushed by a Republican.

Instead of leaving Greece to deal with the consequences of bad decisions by vote-buying pols and the embrace of socialism, the EU and IMF are making huge loans to Greece, in a futile attempt to keep paying the too-generous government salaries and pensions. It's a fool's errand.

Instead of leaving investors--who foolishly bought financial instruments they knew nothing at all about ("Collateralized Debt Swaps", to name one)--to learn a vital lesson, politicians rushed to pass a law that saved the speculators, by taking money from prudent savers.

Instead of reversing the insane thicket of punitive laws and taxes that helped convince companies to export most of the West’s industrial base to China, pols raided our childrens' future earnings to support the multitudes who have lost their jobs because of that export.

Instead of properly controlling the criminally violent and insane, in many western nations and some U.S. cities, pols have disarmed the law-abiding, peaceful and sane.

Instead of allowing the best to rise to the top, the pols have approved having the EEOC sue employers if certain "protected classes" aren't hired and promoted at at least 80 percent of the rate of the most-hired group.

Instead of recognizing radical Islam as an existential threat, western politicians have practically fallen over themselves trying to bow and apologize to Muslims for...the fact that our western lifestyle offends them, perhaps? Muslim leaders have specifically said that Islam and democracy are incompatible, but our pols pretend not to hear. They don't even let the TSA pay special attention to middle-eastern males travelling one-way without luggage.

First our elites tried telling us that all cultures are equally valid; "we are all the same." When some (by no means all) immigrants turned out not to be the same, the pols began stressing the benefits and sophistication of a "diverse" culture. Multiculturalism became the new buzz-word. Then the imports started acting out their cultural diversity by killing westerners wholesale--whether by PETN or drunken driving, gang rape or gangster crime, street warfare or endless welfare. And still the pols did nothing.

The corrupt, rudderless, cheating, lying politicians and their allies on the Left have nearly succeeded in destroying the U.S.--and all western nations--because those of us on the freedom-loving, Constitution-honoring, God-fearing side didn't realize until 9/11 that we were at war. Thus for as long as I've lived, our side has been appealing to the highest human qualities we know of: Do you want to be free to say what you want, to worship as you like, to try your hand at any way of making a living without having to ask permission, and so on.

Meanwhile the Left has perfected an appeal to the most base desires in humans: Would you like to get a check from the government without having to work? Then vote for us. Did someone say something that hurt your feelings? Tell us and we'll either prosecute him or sue him on your behalf, at no cost to you. Would you like to come to the U.S. without waiting years to get a visa? Come on in--our party promises not to enforce our law. Just remember who helped you when you get a chance to vote.

The Left is greatly aided in this competition by its claims to have a monopoly on goodness, its use of agitprop, demographic manipulation, and the tribal instincts and resentments of minorities. As has always been the case, they seem totally untroubled by publishing outright lies. (Think Stalin's flunkies using a primitive version of Photoshop to remove a former trusted comrade--now executed on Stalin's orders--from a photo of Uncle Joe.)

So to use a familiar analogy, I think we're in the fourth quarter, down by 21. It's not over, and not hopeless, but we have to *really* step up our game to pull out a win.

h/t Brussels Journal


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