Monday, August 2

$1.3 Billion unaccounted for; contractor refuses to cooperate w/ audit

Apparently the congress of these United States has seen to it that $349 million of your tax dollars was given to Planned Parenthood this year.

For the mathematically challenged that would be over a third of a billion bucks--or enough to send the Obama family to Europe for next year's vacation.

Over the past six years this funding has been a bit less--more like a paltry quarter of a billion per year--but overall, nice gig if you can get it. FREE federal money! Wow!

Now along comes the Government Accountability Office doing one of those boring ol' audit thingies. And I'm sure you'll be as shocked as I was to learn that Planned Parenthood can't account for how some $1.3 BILLION of your money was spent over the last six years.

But surprisingly, that's not the point I want to make: It's that, according to the linked story in the Wa Times, it appears that the reason the GAO was not able to account for the money--over two-thirds of the taxpayer funds given to PP-- is that Planned Parenthood will not produce its internal audits for the GAO to analyze.

This story appeared in the Washington Times on July 30th, 2010. One would think it should be newsworthy. But since the perp is a darling of the liberal Left, I don't expect to see a word of this in any of the big newpapers, nor on any network broadcast news.

By contrast, can you imagine the screams from every MSM outlet if a defense contractor refused to fully cooperate with an audit for a weapons system?

Can you say "double standard?"


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