Friday, June 8

Immigration bill disaster averted...for now

Let's see if I've got this straight: A bill, introduced by Teddy Kennedy and John McCain, would have allowed roughly 12 million folks who'd entered this country illegally to either gain citizenship or at least stay here legally for ten more years. Every illegal alien would have been eligible--even convicted felons and gang members. Reportedly (unbelievably) even illegals who had been convicted of crimes *in this country.*

The bill would have required the government to conduct a background check on every applicant to see if they were who they claimed to be (very reasonable, yes?)--but the bill's fine print gave the government exactly one day to "complete" this so-called background check. Clearly the staffers or senators who inserted this "one-day-to-complete-the-check" provision were trying to nullify the whole idea of such a check, but didn't have enough support to just remove background check entirely.

(Alternatively, they could have left both clauses in the bill so they'd be able to point to the 'must-do-a-background-check' provision as evidence of their desire to craft a bipartisan (spit) bill, while ignoring their addition of the nullifying "...but must be done in one day." I happen to think the latter is grounds for "termination with extreme prejudice.")

Every illegal who could prove they were in the U.S. before 1 January of this year would have been eligible for the amnesty. But illegals could provide such "proof" by submitting something as simple as an affidavit from any other person.

The list of ghastly features goes on for quite awhile. Senator Jeff Sessions actually read this disaster and listed 20 supremely bad things about this abomination of a bill. In any case, I think many Americans are curious as to why so many senators--and the mainstream media--were pushing so hard to ram this piece of crap into law with as little debate as possible.

Comments on lefty blogs lean heavily on the idea of "we must do something so 12 million 'undocumented Americans' can "come out of the shadows." Hmmm. Seems to me no one forced them to come here, nor is anyone forcing them to stay. If they're not 100% delighted to be here, is anyone keeping them from going back to wherever they came from? So if that's the case, why does anyone think it's incumbent on our Congress (spit) to pass a law legalizing their illegal act in crashing our borders?

Finally, a warning: This wretched travesty of a bill is not yet dead. All the usual suspects are bleating about getting it right back into play next week. And this time they'll know beforehand which senators they'll need to pressure with offers of pork or threats to perks.

Ask yourself what kind of senator or staffer would craft the provisions found in this bill. Do you think such people have the best interests of the nation at heart, or were they trying to disguise the true provisions of their bill, and to limit debate to get the thing passed as fast as possible before opposition could organize?

They damn near succeeded. And they'll be back.


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