Monday, May 21

Summary of the last two years of Lying Mainstream Media's efforts to defeat/depose Trump

Now that it's been revealed that the FBI put a spy in the Trump campaign, the "Democrat/Deep State Media complex" is starting to spin even more energetically.

The DDMC--the "Democrat/Deep State Media complex"--consists of people like Peter Strzok, Andy McCabe, James Comey, James Clapper, William Brennan, and their media allies.  They all hated everything Trump stood for, and were determined to do anything needed to prevent him from winning the presidency, regardless of what voters wanted.

The DDMC has an incalculably huge advantage over Trump's people, because they control the news.  They decide what gets on the front page, what leads the nightly "newscasts" (heavy sarcasm), and equally important, what doesn't get said.  And from the moment Trump announced his candidacy, they've been determined to sabotage him--by any means.

Initial propaganda line:  "Trump's not a serious candidate.  In any case, he could never win."

Line #2:  "No enlightened, thinking, cool, hip, non-racist person could possibly vote for this guy."

"Ignore order" #1:  There is nothing at all unusual about Hilliary's email server; every Secretary of State has had one.  She never sent classified material to the server, and it never had any such material on it.

"Ignore order" #2:  Even if a small amount of classified material was on her private email server, it was just "confidential," which is the lowest level of classification.  Ignore any stories that mention "Sensitive Compartmentalized Information."  That's probably not even a real thing, but is just a term created by right-wing nuts to scare people.  After all, you've never heard of it before now, right?  So it can't be real.

"Ignore order" #3:  Even if former Secretary of State Clinton accidentally sent some trivial, low-level confidential information to herself, that's not a crime.  As FBI Director James Comey told that congressional "oversight" committee (and as every cool person already knew anyway), if someone doesn't intentionally break a law, they can't be charged with a crime.  After all, FBI Director James Comey himself said so.

Line #3:  Trump is raaacist.  And sexist.  He's had several wives--many of whom were not even Americans!!  He's also had sex with women outside of marriage!  How could any good American even consider voting for such a person?  So good, religious people like you shouldn't even consider voting for him.

"Ignore order" #4:  Don't publish any letters to the editor that cite president Clinton's history of rape.  After all, no one alive today remembers anything about Mr. Clinton's behavior way back in the last century.

Line #4:  Trump is great friends with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and used this too-close relationship to "collude" with Russia to steal the election.

"Ignore order" #5:  Don't publish any letters to the editor critical of the Clinton Foundation or any of its subsidiaries.  If someone questions huge contributions the Foundation got from foreign governments, emphasize that any such contributions were made strictly to support the wonderful Clinton Health Initiative fighting AIDS in Africa.  But if you do this, be sure to note that AIDS has nothing whatsoever to do with sexual behavior or recreational drug use. 

Line #5: Americans should be free to use any drugs they want, legal or otherwise.  And we should support compassionate, caring, Democrat efforts to support poor Americans in their drug use by giving them free housing and providing clean, safe, medically-staffed places for them to inject themselves.  After all, this is a free country.

Line #6:  On one of America's popular late-night TV shows, our nation's greatest president, Barack Obama, just said "Donald Trump will never be president of the United States"--a line that got wild applause.  Publicize this as widely as possible, both to win undecideds and to show yet another example of how brilliant our nations' greatest president is.

Line #7:  [After the election]  Hilliary got 3 million more votes than Trump.  He only won because of the archaic, crazy rules of a thing called the "electoral college," which was created entirely by raaacist white males centuries ago.  The entire purpose of this nutty system is to enable ignorant residents of backward states--people who cling to their guns and religion--to nullify the votes of millions of more-enlightened voters from sophisticated states.  Fairness demands that this archaic, raaacist system be scrapped.  (For those editors wanting to do stories on this, we have a list of law professors who will provide any quotes you like--including quotes that the Constitution is simply a "suggestion," and should be ignored by Americans trying to achieve Social Justice.)

"Ignore order" #6:  If you haven't already done so, delete any links to president Obama's alleged statement noted in Line #6 above.  We're working with our friends at YouTube to get all video clips of that deleted accidently dropped down the memory hole.

Line #X:  Faced with demands from congress (House Oversight Committee) to produce un-redacted documents about surveillance, honcho Rod Rosenstein says "DOJ will not be extorted."  Push this line:  Republicans are trying to "extort" our wonderful, honest Dept of Justice by demanding docs that will "do grave damage to national security."  Push this talking point, as our focus groups say it's a winner.

Line #X:  The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is preparing to release information about abuse of the secret courts that Republicans claim permits the government to spy on American citizens.  In response the Justice Department released a letter to the press saying the action was “extraordinarily reckless,”would do grave damage to national security,” and would risk “damage to our intelligence community and the important work it does in safeguarding the American people.”  Push the last line, because conservatives want to protect anything they see as "national security."  This can be used against them, by telling them Republicans in congress are threatening to damage the important work the intelligence community does in safeguarding the American people.  It's crucial that voters see Republicans as trying to damage national security, and that doing so will risk harm to America.

Line #X:  "Everyone in the Trump administration leaks like crazy.  Clearly they can't control their own appointees.  This shows--yet again--that Trump has poor judgement, since he's chosen such untrustworthy people to staff critical positions."

Line #X:  Crazy wingnuts are calling anyone who leaked negative information about the Trump administration a "spy."  Nonsense.  Any leaks were simply from "whistleblowers," not spies.  These people are true patriots who were and are gravely concerned about the horrible things being planned by the Orange Raacist.  Not "spies."  That sort of nonsense is tinfoil-hat stuff.

Line #X:  Certain extremist, Trump-loving Republicans in congress are trying to identify a person they're bizarrely calling a "spy" who they claim was placed in the Trump campaign by the FBI.  If such a person existed, your FBI has announced that revealing that person's identity would do grave damage to national security.  But since no such person exists...

Line #X:  Suggested lede for your stories today (from Washington Post):
President Trump’s allies are waging an increasingly aggressive campaign to undercut the Russia investigation by exposing the role of a top-secret FBI source. The effort reached new heights Thursday as Trump alleged that an informant had improperly spied on his 2016 campaign and predicted that the ensuing scandal would be ‘bigger than Watergate!’
Note how cleverly the Post has linked Trump's "increasingly aggressive campaign" to "expose the role of a top-secret FBI source" to Trump's efforts to "undercut the Russia investigation."  Push this.

Line #X:  We have no idea whether the FBI had someone inside the Trump campaign, but IF they did that, it was only done to protect the public, because the FBI had solid, solid evidence that key members of the Trump campaign were "colluding" with Russia to rig the election for Trump.  The bureau was simply trying to protect the American public, which is all they do.  Not "spying."  That's dumb, unsophisticated cold-war-era language.

Line #X:  Former National Security Advisor James Clapper said today that the FBI did have an "informant" in the Trump campaign, but the only did it to protect Trump, which meant it was a good thing.  Push this:  "It was done to protect Trump."

"Ignore order #Y:  Don't publish any letters to the editor that refer to FBI "spying" on the campaign, nor on FBI's earlier vigorous denials that they'd placed an "informant" there.  The approved language is that any such person was simply a "really concerned whistleblower" who was understandably upset by the outrageous behavior of the Orange president.

Line #X:  The so-called "news" that the FBI had an "informant" inside the Trump campaign actally isn't news at all, since those of us at the WaPo and New York Times have known the person's identity for weeks.  We didn't tell you who it was because unlike the Republicans, we are really, really concerned about national security. The real news is that the FBI had an informant in order to protect Trump.  True!  And it's absolutely fabulous that your FBI would work so hard to protect the president from malicious underlings with known ties to Russia.  And it's just totally unfair that conservative publications are trying to spin this noble deed as if it were somehow a bad thing.  Emphasize that the FBI works for all Americans to ensure national security.


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