Sunday, May 27

Former head speechwriter for Obama is **horrified** by pics of mistreated illegals. Wait...

Jon Favreau was Obama's head speechwriter.  Wiki (I know) says Obama referred to him as his "mind reader."  Well, today Jon-boy lit up Twatter because he was absolutely appalled:  Seems he stumbled on some *very* distressing pictures, of children of illegal immigrants sleeping in a holding facility, after entering the U.S. illegally.

He posted one pic and the link to more.  I mean, he was beside himself with outrage.  "This is happening RIGHT NOW," he wailed!  "The only debate that matters is how we force our government to" fix this awful, inhumane situation!
"I mean really, it's just awful that Trump's inhumane ICE terror squads snatch these poor kids just as they set foot in the U.S.--now that the awful, raaacist, inhumane Trump is president--and then make 'em sleep on the floor of dog kennels...wait, what?"

Uh, yeah, Jon, just one problem with your rant:  The pics and the article you linked to were from, uh...2014.  And if you try really hard you may be able to remember who was president then, eh sparky?

Of course once Obama's mind reader cued up a great chance to virtue-signal, other Dems were eager to jump on the bandwagon.

Famous horror writer Stephen King was among the hundreds of Democrats outraged by the pics.  How could the U.S. do this to kids??!!   Because Trump's a raaacist monster!

Democrat mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa weighed in with this Twit:

So they all did a long, passionate group-shriek about how Trump did this, when the pics were actually from 2014.

It's SO educational to see yet another example of Democrats and Leftists--especially Obama's head speechwriter Favreau--not just falling for fake news but generating tens of thousands of likes and re-twats among other True Believers.  Keep up the good work, Jon.  Show everyone what fine thinkers Obama hired.

[BTW, there are two Jon Favreaus.  One is a six foot actor, the other is Obama's mind reader.]

So predictable.  It's just precious.  They were all certain they were knifing the AWFUL Trump, and had no idea this happened under Obama.  Priceless.

UPDATE:  Two days later, former Obama head speechwriter Favreau tweets,

Oh, we know, Jon.  Translation: "I would never have posted that picture if I'd known it was taken when my boss was prez, cuz I would never want to make my team look bad!  See, the pic is only useful if we can use it to make Trump look bad!"


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