Tuesday, March 20

The biggest political scandal outside the FBI that you never heard about

This is Yvette Clark, a Democrat member of congress from New York.

Congressperson Clark is one of the dozens of corrupt Democrat members who used a Pakistani con-man named Imran Awan and family to manage their office computers.  Another was former chair of the Democrat National Committee (and chair at the time the Dems wailed that someone had made off with copies of a bunch of emails). 

Still another powerful member who hired the Awans was California rep Xavier Becerra--who has since resigned from congress to become attorney-general for that state.  Hmmm....

Problem was, Awan was copying gigabytes of files of Dem members onto a remote server, from which those files could be sent to anyone.

Another problem was that Awan was stealing every piece of computer gear he could find.  Investigators found dozens of government Blackberries and other government computers in one of his homes.

Another problem is that Democrat members of congress are refusing to cooperate with investigators in trying to see how much data and equipment the Awans stole.  For example, after t $120,000 of equipment was found to be missing from Yvette Clark's office she had her chief of staff simply "removed it from the inventory."

Investigators think Dems may be refusing to cooperate because the Awans may have threatened to expose emails and files that would damage the Dem members involved.  This suspicion got a boost when attorneys for Imran Awan claimed invoices for the purchase of computer equipment were falsified at the request of the Democrat members of congress.  If true that should be a career-ender.

Still another problem....Wait, you say you haven't heard of any of this?  Well that's...odd, don'tcha think?  I mean, the Democrats and their media allies have been so squealy about "cybersecurity" after someone stole the emails from the DNC server, so you'd think Dems and the media would be really aggressive about investigating clear security breaches, right?

And the media would be all over it, cuz, like, the media was SO aggressive about covering the story about "the Russians" allegedly hacking the DNC.  And giving the emails to Wiki to help Trump.  So you'd think they'd be equally aggressive about this, right?

Oh, wait...yeah, now I understand:  It was important when the Dems and their media allies wanted to use "hacking" to damage Trump.  But now?  Not important, citizen.

Not.  Important.

Now imagine how the media would have reacted if exactly this same sequence of events had happened to Republicans.


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