Tuesday, August 15

Employee of TV station ordered to stop filming leftist demo; bashed when he ignores order

Wanna see how absolutely, totally f''ng dumb the Lying Mainstream Media is?

In Richmond, Virginia, a bunch of critters were marching, carrying a huge, professionally-made banner saying "Against white supremacy."  Video records the crowd chanting "We're here, we're gay, we fight the KKK."  So far, all legal and normal.

A staffer for the local CBS television station was using his cell phone to record the demonstration.  Last I heard that's still legal.

A marcher orders the guy "Stop filming, bro."  The guy filming says "I can film what I want.  Get out of my face."

At that point one of the demonstrators hit him on the head from behind with some type of club.  It required four staples to close the wound.

Now here's the dumb part:  In its story reporting the attack, the TV station refused to identify the protesters.  As far as the station is concerned, the identity of protesters only matters if they're "white nationalists" or "white supremacists."  Protesters on the "approved" side are never identified.

A little thought experiment will help you understand the meaning of this event:  How do you think the Mainstream Media would have reacted if one of their employees had been attacked by members of a group protesting the removal of historic statues from a local park?

Of course:  It would have been uploaded to CBS control and replayed endlessly for hours.

If you didn't understand what's happening before, this should tell you something. 

And do ya think this guy getting his head bashed might discourage other TV-station employees from filming leftist marches?  Sure.  Far safer to film older, out-of-shape guys protesting against the removal of statues from parks.


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