Friday, May 12

"The Russians did it!" We're not sure what or how, but whatever it was, they did it.

If you're a student and have been busy studying for finals for the last month or so), this may not strike you as a funny caption, so let me explain:  Ever since the election the Democrats have been screaming that "the Russians interfered with the election."  Specifically, they claim the Russian government somehow threw the election to Trump.

Hillary herself made the same claim, on video.

What no Dem or mainstream media guru ever asks Dems is..."how, exactly, do you think the Russians managed to do that?"

No one ever asks Dems that on a live interview, of course, because the only solid fact they have is the release of emails to and from Hilliary's campaign manager--John Podesta, not the nominal young Robbie Mook. The Dems claim their server at the Dem National Committee was "hacked"--a phrase most people interpret as "stealthily entered, as by stealing or breaking an administrator's password."

The media lets the Dems get away with this because someone did get a password--but not to the server itself.  What they got was the password to a single email account: Podesta's.  And they accomplished that by using a technique similar to the well-known one in which a Nigerian prince emails random older Americans with the promise of a million bucks if the target will just help the prince transfer a huge fortune to the target's bank account.

You may have heard of that one.

Podesta got an email stating it was from his email provider--one of the majors--and warning him that his password had been compromised.  To fix the problem, the email said, all he had to do was "Click here to change password."

And of course anyone familiar with computers knows that the first step in changing any password is what?  Yep, you're instructed to enter your current password.

To Podesta's credit, he was at least smart enough to realize the email might not be legit.  So he emailed the information-tech person at the DNC, describing the email and asking what the guy thought he should do.

And then something happened that folks who believe in God could well consider a miracle:  The I.T. guy recognized it as a possible phishing attempt, and wanted to tell Podesta that the email was "illegitimate."  But in a one-in-a-million event, the guy had a brain hiccup:  In his reply to Podesta's email question he said he thought the email was "legitimate" when he was thinking "illegitimate."  Further, instead of going on to instruct Podesta not to do *anything* with it, he used some ambiguous phrase like "Of course you know what to do with that sort of thing."

So Podesta clicked on "Change password" and that was that.

Yes, Wikileaks released hundreds of emails between Hilliary and Podesta--many of which were damning.  They also released emails in which Podesta had gotten a forwarded copy for info purposes.  But as far as I know, Wiki never released any email that that Podesta hadn't gotten.  And no one at the DNC ever claimed the emails were NOT authentic.

But wait, it gets better.

Although the DNC screamed bloody murder that their server had been hacked, they never let the FBI cyber specialists examine their server for evidence that might have proven their claim.


Zat strike you as a bit odd?  After all, the FBI would do that check for free.  And some say their experts are allegedly pretty good.

The DNC didn't do that, which is...odd.  Of course they already knew how the emails had been grabbed: through Podesta falling for the phishing scam--with the help of a one-in-a million brain hiccup by a staffer.  But if the FBI examined their server it would confirm the lack of an actual hack.  If so, would strike most reasonable voters as a huge sign of incompetence.

Just couldn't have that, eh?

So enter the second part of The Narrative:  Mike Flynn.

Flynn was a retired 3-star general.  Excellent reputation, and extremely well-versed in the war against Islamic terrorism.  Trump nominated Flynn as his National Security Advisor.  But in the NSA's routine wiretapping of foreign officials in the U.S., they'd found Flynn had had several conversations with the Russian ambassador.  This is not a crime, and not even against policy.  People in key-appointment positions don't routinely report everything to the president.

But Democrats saw this as a chance to cripple Trump's presidency before he'd even been sworn into office.  So someone in the Obama administration--possibly Obama himself--arranged for his National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, to request that the NSA "unmask"--release the name of--the American they'd intercepted talking with the Russ ambassador.  She arranged for this to leak, and the press went crazy with it.

Trump was forced to fire Flynn within 15 days or so of the story breaking.

It's worth noting here that Flynn is considered a hard-liner on the question of how the U.S. should respond to Islamic terrorism, which may have been why Obama reportedly told Trump he didn't trust Flynn.

In any event, the confluence of "the Russians hacked our election" with "Trump is in bed with the Russians" has lit up the mainstream media since last December.  It got even more juice when Trump fired the horribly corrupt Comey--the mainstream media is screaming--falsely, but we could have guessed that-- that Comey was about to ask for more money or resources to expand "the Russian investigation."

This is utterly false, but the mainstream media shows no sign that they're gonna let this story die.  Even if every agency eventually says there's nothing to the charge, the Democrats and their allies know they can cripple Trump simply by planting the idea in the minds of low-information voters.

What's funnier is that back when Obozo was emperor,the leaders of the Democrat party and every single mainstream media organ just loved the Russians. In fact when Hilliary's state department signed off on the sale of a full 15 percent of U.S.. uranium leases to a company controlled by Russia, the media didn't say a critical word.

But now the Dems are suddenly screaming that for a high administration appointee to even talk with the Russian ambassador is evidence of...something awful, surely.

My how times change.


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