Sunday, May 14

New communist "project" to oppose Trump

Moonbats (they call themselves "progressives" cuz no one could object to such a nice name, eh?) have vowed to get rid of Trump by any means, and to block his agenda.  Further to that end a bunch of 'em--formed a non-profit they call "The Indivisible Project."  Here's their mission statement, right off their website:
The Indivisible Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to resisting Trump’s agenda

Naturally the members of this "project" are screaming that Trump's firing of Comey was just awful--conveniently forgetting that every Democrat and liberal in the country was screaming that Comey was a Republican devil who absolutely had to be fired after he notified congress that the FBI was examining Anthony Weiner's laptop after finding 60,000 of Hillary's emails on it--including ones containing classified information.

So here's what Indivisible's executive director--communist Ezra Levin--had to say about Trump’s firing of Comey:
   Regardless of your party, regardless of who you voted for in November, and regardless of what you think of James Comey, his dismissal undermines basic democratic principles. At best, it shows poor judgement; at worst, it could be an obstruction of justice and an abuse of power.
Oh, certainly:  the president has the authority to appoint a new director at any time.  But Levin claims the firing "could be an obstruction of justice and an abuse of power."  Oh, certainly.  And the moon may well be made of cheese.  Barring evidence, both statements are equally plausible.
The biggest problem is what will happen now: Trump will appoint one of his cronies to lead the FBI and the investigation.  And we all know what that means—the investigation will be a sham.
Would that be like the "investigation" the corrupt FBI allegedly conducted of lyin' Hilliary and her aides--the "investigation" where no one was under oath?  Where the FBI allowed top Hilliary aide Cheryl Mills to sit in on Hilliary's testimony, to take notes so they could know which way to jump next time?
This underscores why we need an independent law enforcement investigation. We need to get to the truth of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, and what involvement Trump or his associates had in Russia’s interference.
   The Senate now needs to step up and refuse to confirm any of Trump’s Justice Department or judicial nominees until an independent law enforcement investigator is appointed. The onus is on three Senate Republicans, who must put country over party and join Senate Democrats in holding these nominees.
   We cannot trust Congress or a Trump FBI to conduct an impartial probe. 
Ah, certainly.  According to these wackos we can't trust a Trump FBI, but we should and must absolutely trust Obama's FBI to conduct an honest investigation of Hilliary.  Uh-huh.

What total, unmitigated crap.

These are the people who are determined to block Trump by any means necessary.  They're communists determined to bring down the U.S. as we've known it.  If that's fine with you, no problem.  If not, make a list of their names.  Get their addresses. They are not your countrymen.


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