Wednesday, May 17

Classic video clip of the former Emperor absolutely, sincerely *promising* you could keep your insurance and doc under his plan

This is a classic:  Everyone who liked the health-insurance plan they had before Obamacare forced the cancellation of 90-plus percent of those plans, and everyone who liked their doctor, and relied on Obama's personal assurances that under "his" plan they would be able to keep their doctor, needs to watch the clip below.

It's Obozo looking straight into the camera and promising you--not just once but 38 times--that under "his" and the Dems plan if you liked your existing insurance and doctor you'd be able to keep both--despite his certain knowledge at the time that this wasn't true, and would not be true if that piece of shit was passed into law.

Study the sincere expression, the sincere, golden tone of voice.  Almost all of you believed he was telling you the truth--in part because the media was providing air-cover for his lies.  Also, not a single civilian had a chance to read the fucking thing until it was passed, so no one knew what it actually said.

Of course the vast number of Americans who are getting "something for nothing" from having the cost of their insurance heavily "subsidized" (that is, paid for) by taxpayers couldn't care less.  They're getting something for nothing and they will fight like tigers to avoid losing this huge gift.  And will be reliable Democrat voters forever.


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