Tuesday, May 16

When one party controls the media...

When one party dominates all the media outlets, it should be easy for that party to get voters to do whatever that party wants.

Democrats, liberals, so-called "progressives" and marxists have had control of virtually every media outlet for four decades.  It helped them win control of the White House and most of the government for 16 of the past 24 years, and last November all of them were absolutely certain it would win them eight more.

Evidently it's hard to control 340 million people even when you dominate all the media outlets.

Liberals, both here and in Europe--want a world without borders.  Most conservatives are skeptical of that idea.  After all, liberal policies of unlimited immigration have brought France, German, Sweden and Austria a huge surge in rapes, murders, stabbings and other fatal attacks.  Conservatives in the U.S. saw that and wanted no part of it.

Democrats were in no mood to listen.  With the Lyin' Media flying top-cover they didn't think they had to.  And of course their base was 100% in favor of open borders, and free housing and food for illegal aliens.

Now Democrats are mad as hell and determined to stir up their base enough to start an actual, physical war.  Perhaps Obama's twin urgings "If they bring a knife you bring a gun" and "Get in their faces" inspire them.  In any case, their attacks seem to be increasing.

And yet they claim conservatives are intolerant.  Haters.  Xenophobes.  It would be amusing, if only the stakes weren't so high.

Hat tip Richard Fernandez--a keen analyst and a great writer.  You can read his post that inspired this one here.


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