Monday, April 3

The face of U.S. socialism

These are socialists.  They look...angry.  Goofy.  And like they want to run things.

And the funny thing is, if you asked 'em how, oh, say, Venezuela is getting along, they wouldn't have a clue.  Cuz, like, facts are so, you know...patriarchal.  Heteronormative.  Oppressive.

They don't need no stinkin' facts, cuz they draw their conclusions from feelings.  How cool is that?

Unfortunately they won't just leave the U.S. and head for a socialist "paradise" like Venezuela or North Korea.  Or Cuba.  Instead they'll stay here and continue to demand welfare, food stamps and free housing.  Cuz, like, capitalism is just utterly failing, man!  We all have advanced degrees in women's studies or African history or postmodern deconstrucionism but we can't get jobs in our field of studies, man!  All we can get are those crappy ten-bucks-an-hour gigs.  We want good jobs, paying $150k a year. 

See, citizen?  "Capitalism is failing" because no one will give these charming communists $150,000 a year for doing nothing useful.  But if we just shifted to socialism these people would suddenly be in really high demand.  As "diversity coordinators."  "Economic equality enforcers."  Yeah.


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