Tuesday, May 17

When a party decides the law is whatever they say it is, they'll even block impeachment

To have a functioning republic, both parties must obey legimate laws.  When one party embraces lawbreaking and corruption, members of congress from that party will block even a bona fide vote to impeach.

Oh, you say, that's typical wing-nut hyperbole!  It would be so...so obvious a demonstration of corruption that the people would never tolerate it!

Ah, I see.  If that's your thinking you're definitely smart enough to be a member of U.S. media elites.  But reality begs to differ, as in the case of Brazil, where members of both parties in the congress recently voted to impeach a notoriously corrupt president.  But that was before top leaders of the ruling party simply annulled the vote.

Cool, huh.
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP)\ — The impeachment process against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was thrown into chaos Monday as the acting speaker of the lower Chamber of Deputies annulled a majority vote by his own colleagues that favored ousting the embattled leader.

The surprise move by acting Speaker Waldir Maranhao touched off a firestorm over questions of the move's legality and its possible implications.

The Senate had been expected to decide Wednesday whether to accept the impeachment case against Rousseff and put her on trial for allegedly breaking fiscal rules in her management of the national budget. If a simple majority of senators decides in favor, Rousseff will be suspended and Vice President Michel Temer will take over until a trial is conducted.

Under the terms of Maranhao's decision, the lower Chamber of Deputies would have five sessions to hold another vote on whether to send the impeachment process against Rousseff to the Senate.
The lower house overwhelmingly voted to move forward with the process last month and it is those April 15-17 sessions that were annulled by Maranhao, who opposed impeachment.
You will vote until you produce the result we want, comrade!
Rousseff reacted cautiously to Maranhao's announcement, suggesting it wasn't entirely clear what was happening.  "We have a difficult fight ahead of us," she said at an event about education. She also called for caution, saying that "we live in a time of cunning and wile."
 Now that's certainly the truth.


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