Tuesday, May 17

London elects Muslim mayor; Leftists giddy with joy

As you surely know--being well-informed citizens of what was for the longest time considered the greatest nation on earth--Londoners have elected a Muslim mayor.

Leftists are giddy over this.  One person asked a left wing colleague what his reaction would be if Londoners had elected an anti-gay, anti-abortion, religious fundamentalist as mayor of London.

The leftist saw the trap and started babbling something about inclusivity and the marvels of having a "multicultural society."

You'll figure it out eventually, of course.  Meanwhile just keep repeating the Left's mantra:  "All systems of governance are equal.  All religions are equally valid.  All economic theories are equally valid."

"Making "value judgments"--this thing is better or worse than that one-- is bad, the mark of knuckle-dragging, unenlightened conservatives.  Truly hip, enlightened, superior people never make judgments like that.  Cuz, you know, all things are equally valid."


Try asking the so-called "elites" if their Georgetown mansion is equal to a 500-square-foot shack.  If they say yes, ask 'em if they'll trade straight up.

Ask 'em if a highschool dropout is as learned as their Hahvahd degree in international relations makes them.

Ask 'em if a 30-year-old 'beater' car is equal to their new Mercedes 450.  If they say yes, ask if they'll trade straight up.

When they demand--demand, with force of law, at gunpoint--that your town build low-income housing next door to your laboriously-paid-for home, ask 'em why it "just happens" that no one is building the same thing next-door to their house.

Liberals sling all manner of bullshit at people who don't have the education to counter their utter hypocrisy, their total bullshit.  They're not just masters of the double-standard, they virtually invented it.

They will demand laws that will result in your wife and daughter being assaulted, your home value plunging, your job being given to an immigrant--and will calmly, casually deny they had anything to do with it.  It's the nature of what modern liberalism not only has become, but demands.

This would be funny if it wasn't such an utter disaster.

I am so grateful I don't have kids.


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