Thursday, October 29

Why has government ordered 1.5 Billion rounds of hollow-point ammo?

Unless you're familiar with guns you probably don't know what a "hollow-point bullet" is.

Start here: international agreement bans their use in war.  Think about that for a second.

Okay, hollow-points are designed not just to make a hole in whatever they hit, but to open up when they hit flesh.  They're designed to make large, jagged, tearing wounds, meaning that someone who is unfortunate enough to be hit with such a round, even in a place that wouldn't normally be fatal, is likely to bleed to death from the larger wound.  So...really nasty things.

A year or so ago the emperor's henchmen ordered 1.5 BILLION rounds of...hollow-point ammo.

Even the damn Social Security administration has ordered 174,000 rounds of the stuff.

By way of comparison, at the height of the Iraq war U.S. armed forces used 70 million rounds.  One and a half Billion rounds would sustain that level of combat for over 20 years.

Who are they planning to shoot?

"Oh," my moronic liberal acquaintances say, "that story has to be bullshit--just another right-wing rumor.  Our wonderful government would never do such a thing!"

Or they say it's a clerical error, that they really meant to order regular practice rounds but keyed in the wrong stock number or something.

Yeah, cupcake, dat's it.  If that's what you're goin' with, ask yourself if the emperor's lackeys cancelled the order after it was called to their attention.

Here's a clue:  They didn't.  But do keep making whatever excuses you need to stay comfortable.
Who are they planning to shoot?


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