Friday, March 20

House committee passes budget; Democrat-fellating media twist story to "failure" to do same, warn of "cataclysm" for GOP

Thursday morning the House Budget Committee did what it was supposed to do:  It voted to send a budget to the full House for a vote.

Twenty years ago this would have been a story right up there with "Scientists announce sun will rise tomorrow."  But for the Democrat-sucking press, it's a breathless drama filled with "embarrassing episodes" and the prospect of "cataclysm" for Republicans if they "fail to pass a budget."

Naturally you think I'm being facetious, but the skilled propagandists at Politico have indeed written just such a piece.

The last 'graf starts,
Failing to pass a budget would be cataclysmic for Republicans, and would prove once again that they have difficulty with some of the basic functions of governing. 
Ah, now it all makes sense:  They're laying the groundwork for "Republicans can't rein in their own extremist members, so they can't get anything done!  Which just proves (once again, if you caught that little zinger) that they're unfit to govern!"

Yes, yes, we see now.  And after all, back when the senate was Democrat-controlled, Politico--like all media outlets--wrote dozens of similar stories critical of the Democrats after senate Democrat Harry Reid, leader of the then-Democrat-ruled senate, failed to even bring up a budget for a vote for four consecutive years.

Just kidding--not about Reid's actions but about the Democrat-run media--which never criticized Reid and his fellow Democrats for brazenly blowing off a responsibility levied by the Constitution--and not just once but four years in a row.

One wonders how Reid managed to avoid impeachment for this dereliction of duty.

If any reporter bothered to ask Reid why he didn't bring a budget up for a single vote during this time, as far as I can determine the answer was never printed or broadcast.  But now, mere minutes after the House passed a normal budget, Democrat support machine Politico has published a breathless warning that Repubs are on the verge of "failing to pass a budget," showing "once again that they have difficulty with some of the basic functions of governing."

There's something else curious about the piece:  It's datelined "3/19/15 6:44 AM EDT."  The 19th was Thursday, and according to the story the vote was that morning.  But for the dateline to be accurate the vote would have had to be taken at six a.m. or so to give the two hack authors time to file the piece.  If the committee convenes at 5:30 a.m. I'm impressed with the work ethic of the Republicans running that committee.

If this is "having difficulty with some of the basic functions of governing" I like it. 


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