Saturday, November 29

Teachers' union called for boycotting Staples to stop chain from opening postal counters

The U.S. Postal Service had an idea to increase convenience for consumers and reduce wait times in Post Offices:  They wanted to let the office supply chain, Staples, operate postal counters inside 1,500 Staples stores.

Seems like a good idea, right?  Why drive extra miles to a Post Office and face long waiting lines for service if you could fill your needs at your local Staples, eh?

So guess who opposed this idea and called for a boycott of Staples?  The American Federation of Teachers--one of the two big teachers' unions.

Wait...what in the world would move a teachers' union to oppose such a reasonable idea?

Simple:  Their first priority is protecting and advancing the interests of union members.  The union of postal workers hated the idea because Staples employees weren't union members, so letting Staples open postal counters could eventually cost union jobs, even if by the roundabout route of reducing the demand for additional unionized postal service jobs. 

Top executives of the AFT actually demonstrated in opposition to the proposal at their national convention last July. 

Like I said...their number one priority is advancing union interests.  And they're in charge of teaching your kids.

Think there's any chance unionized teachers are objective when teaching history or social studies?

But by all means, let's keep supporting unionized government schools.  And outlawing school choice.


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