Sunday, July 27

Leftist writer for Slate reverses position 180 degrees--in writing--in just 4 *hours*

Leftists have an astonishing tendency to take two opposing positions--often within a matter of hours--and then insist they've been totally consistent. 

If that sounds absurd or impossible to believe, here's a tweet from writer Jamelle Bouie--who works for the leftist website Slate--at 7:22 a.m. two days ago:
Does anyone know the origins of the right-wing meme that Congress “never read” health care reform before passing it?
Those of us with working memories recall that one of the key complaints about law that created Obamacare was that no one in congress had read the damn thing.  Republicans complained about the rush to pass without giving anyone time to read it, while Democrats smiled coyly and said things like "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it."

That last was from your goofy former speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  You really need to see how creepy she looks in that video.

So Bouie is implying that the notion that "congress never read health care reform before passing it" is just a "right-wing meme"--thus presumably has no factual basis.

So here's the same left-wing writer just 4 hours later:
Man, didn't realize how many folks sincerely believe lawmakers read tens of thousands of pages of statutory language every year.

Now he's saying that lawmakers--swamped with not just 2,409 pages but "tens of thousands of pages" of [proposed] statutory language every year--can't possibly read it all...and implying that anyone who actually *believes* lawmakers read the laws they pass is naive or dumb.

Dude, just 4 hours earlier you were implying that conservatives just made up that whole idea--stupid, conspiracy-minded rubes, right?  But now--a whole four hours later--you're saying that anyone who believes lawmakers actually *read* all that stuff is silly!

How can anyone this bereft of logical consistency expect to be taken seriously?

Oh, yeah--I forgot who his audience is.  My bad.


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