Tuesday, July 22

Administration spokesman tells reporter the percentage of illegal "children" that have been released

Kenneth Wolfe is deputy director of the Office of Public Affairs at ACF.

Of course most of you have never heard of this agency, and no wonder:  Who can keep up with the numberless federal agencies?  Seems like a dozen new ones a month.

Anyway, ACF is the "Administration of Children and Families."  Which is a branch of those zany health Nazis at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Another office under HHS is the Office of Refugee Resettlement.  Kenneth apparently speaks for that office too.  So Deputy Director of the ACF's Office of Public Affairs Kenneth Wolfe is the closest thing to a point man you're likely to find at Team Obama. 

Coupla days ago a nice middle-aged lady asked Kenneth how many unaccompanied children had come across the border since October of last year.  Of course neither Kenneth nor anyone else has anything other than a guess, but he did tell her that 45, 157 "children" had passed through the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement since October.

Okay, the nice lady asked, How many of those have been released in the U.S?

Because the nice lady looked like all the other female reporters who love Democrats, Kenneth assumed she was part of that group and that he could give her the real number instead of the lawyerized one:  96 percent had been released to a "sponsor" inside the U.S, he said. 

Except Kenneth didn't say "released" but used the less-inflammatory term "discharged.”  Cuz if we say "released" all them Tea Party terrorists will be down here with their assault rifles in two days.

As has already been noted, many of the "sponsors" the kids are going to are family members, and many of them are *also* in the U.S. illegally. 

Pretty neighborly of Team Obama to give the kids "free" transportation to join their illegal parents in the U.S, eh?

Now before Cheryl or Nancy goes off on me, let me quickly say that once a kid under 17 or so sneaks across the border and turns him- or herself in to U.S. authorities, no one wants to just bus 'em back to the nearest Mexican town and let 'em fend for themselves.  Instead, it would be great if the government said that anyone who *did* come here and had illegal family already here would result in the whole family being deported.

The benefit of this approach is that you wouldn't need to get the word out in Central American countries, but just here in the U.S., through public-service announcements.

Think that'd cut the flow of kids by about 97 percent?

Of course when Obama issued the executive order saying federal employees were to stop deporting "Dreamer" kids (what a public-relations coup *that* acronym was, eh?), just the opposite happened: every illegal in the U.S. who had a kid or nephew back home picked up the phone and said Hey, they just threw the doors wide open!  C'mon up and we'll pretend you're my kid!

But not to worry, citizen:  They're just here because they're fleeing bad conditions in their home countries.  So we just have to let them in and let 'em vote.  I mean, there can't be more than a few thousand people in that situation, right?  So what would it hurt to let a few thousand poor "refugees" in?  Besides, as soon as conditions improve back home I'm sure they'll all be *eager* to go back.

Meanwhile, Welcome to America!  This way to the Food Stamp office.  There's the free hospital.  Everyone gets free schooling, and schools aren't allowed to ask you if you're here legally.  Oh, and if you have a water bill you can vote.  But only in local elections.  No, I don't know what that means, and no one is allowed to ask you for ID, so...just remember to vote for everyone with a "D" next to their names.

I think it means "Us Dems is Dee-lighted you're here!"


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