Sunday, June 8

Liberal/Media spin machine cranks up, creates talking points to defend Obama on the Bergdahl swap

Well boys and girls, the Lying Media and top White House advisers seem to have settled on how best to spin Obama's unlawfully-executed five-terrorists-for-one-deserter swap to make it vanish as a problem.

For example, Politico has carried water for Obama and the "progressives" since its inception.  Politico's Josh Gerstein describes Obama's deliberate decision to violate the law requiring a 30-day notice to congress before releasing any prisoners from Gitmo as simply "defying Congress."

Has a much nicer sound, eh?  Plus, all the opinion polls show the public holds congress in even lower regard than it does Obama, so "defying congress" should be a plus with the public, whereas "broke the law" would have been...less of a plus, at least to some.

Gerstein describes Obama's failure to comply with the law as his "most assertive move to shrink Guantánamo’s population."  Assertive.  That's unquestionably a good word for a president.  Prolly polls really well, especially with "low-information voters."

Gerstein goes on to tell us that "the Justice Department and the Pentagon signed off on skipping the legally required notification."  So see, Obama's teammate Eric "Executive Privilege" Holder--who agrees that he and Obama get to decide what laws to enforce, period--apparently says this law's not a keeper.  And even "the Pentagon signed off on skipping..."

Wait, who at the Pentagon "signed off?"  Cuz, surely you've got a named source for that, right?  How...odd...that you didn't name him.  I mean, we know the SecDef, Chuck Hagel--the faux Republican, the RINO, the guy who was so Republican he refused to endorse McCain in '08; the Hagel who said he'd be willing to serve as Obama's VP if chosen--that guy, said he backed the swap, but then proceeded to make a hash of some of the fable--notably that Bergdahl was in dire health, which was directly contradicted by the video taken by the Taliban when he was handed over.

Plus there's a *lot* of talk that the virtually everyone in the actual military (as opposed to the civilian SecDef) knows Bergdahl deserted.  Unlike Obama and everyone on the Left, the military considers this a really Bad Thing, and thus they didn't think we should make any significant effort to ransom him.  Gerstein almost certainly knows this, but by saying "the Pentagon signed off" it fools the average reader into thinking ordinary soldiers were in favor of the swap.  That is absolutely false.

The next line of the fable is "we don't know--indeed, we can't possibly know--the whole story."  In other words, no one should criticize Obama's decision--and it was his, solely--to exchange the five Gtmo terrorists for deserter Bergdahl because all the facts aren't known.  Oh, and in case you wondered, they'll never be known.

I mean, come on, citizen:  You don't wanna "rush to judgment" wifout knowin' da facts, do ya?  Just because the military knew he deserted, and his squad mates knew, and just because he was writin' anti-American letters and articles, that doesn't mean he wasn't captured by the Taliban.  I mean, sure, it may possibly look like he just walked out of the compound but you can never be certain, can you?

Bullshit.  This is propaganda, the intent of which is to get Obozo and the Democrats off the hook for making the world's stupidest deal.  Without consulting or advising congress, per the law.

That brings us to the next line of the fable:  Some dick-head leftist law professor was on the radio earlier saying that the law congress passed requiring the Resident to notify congress 30 days prior to releasing any prisoners from Gitmo is unconstitutional.  And the reason he gave was that since the Constitution makes the president the Commander in Chief of the military, and Gitmo is a military facility, congress can neither require Obozo to do anything, or refrain from doing anything, having to do with Gitmo.

Take that, you stupid Rethuglicans!  Our great Constitutional Law prof president outsmarted ya, eh?

Except that's a bullshit argument.  The Constitution clearly does NOT give the president carte blanche to do anything he likes regarding the military.  For example, the power to declare war is specifically reserved to... congress.  So to argue that the CinC can do anything he likes is absurd on its face.  But it sounds good, so...

The last line of the fable--for now at least--is that dark, shadowy right-wing American terrorists have threatened Bergdahl's parents.  So all right-thinking Americans need to stand with Bergdahl against this naked attempt to...mumble mumble bullshit bullshit.

And sure enough, this morning on CNN former Clinton-campaign manager Donna Brazile claimed veterans accusing Bergdahl of deserting were simply part of a “PR campaign by Republicans.”
After a fellow panelist noted that members of Bergdahl’s unit had consistently said he'd defected as early as 2009, Brazile said these accusations were just an effort to “muddy the waters” surrounding the prisoner deal.

When fellow panelists on CNN criticized her for this comment she said that she’d never impugn the testimony of a veteran, but stood by her comments.

So...trot out old war-horse Donna Brazile and State Dept spokesliars Psaki and Harf to put out the fable.  Cuz unless you've been paying attention, it sounds reasonably convincing.


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