Tuesday, June 3

Why did Obama swap 5 of the worst terrorists for an American traitor?

Why did Team Obama exchange five top Muslim prisoners--former terrorists--held at GTMO--for an American GI who voluntarily defected to the Taliban?

Here's how presidential spokesman Jay Carney spun it:
The principle at stake here is do we, the United States, leave our uniformed members of the military behind when they’ve been captured by the enemy. And the answer is: no, we don’t do that. That’s why the commander in chief acted as he did.” 
While it's true that we do everything possible to recover soldiers who have been *captured* by the enemy, there's a huge difference here that Carney is intentionally trying to hide:  Bergdahl defected.  Not only that, he was reportedly giving the Taliban valuable information that put our troops at risk.  That's treason, and it changes everything--or should, assuming your head's not up your ass.

By now everyone in the military knows Bergdahl defected.  Which is why, when Obie's bumbling Sec. of Defense announced to a gathering of soldiers that Bergdahl had been recovered, not a single person applauded or cheered.  That should tell you everything you need to know.

Now consider this:  The military knew within days of Bergdahl going missing in 2009 that he had defected.  That means Team Obama had that same info.  And yet Team Obama still ordered that the exchange be made--releasing five of the worst terrorists in exchange for a deserter who openly wrote that he hated the military and the U.S. mission in Afghanistan.

Why would they do that?  Are they so amazingly clueless that they thought the military and the public would never learn the real story and would thus think Obozo's exchange was just faaaabulous and cool and statesmanlike and...well, just dreamy, like everything he does?  Or--the far more sinister explanation--did they just not give a shit what the public thought, because they wanted to fuck with the military?

Honestly, I think that's too close to call one way or the other.  But listening to Carney try to say the asshole was "captured by the enemy" when in fact he knows--as does every member of the military by now--that Bergdahl voluntarily defected, shows a level of mendacity (for those who may not know that's "lying") that's pushing the envelope even for Team Obama.

Oh, CBS mentioned the silence that greeted Hagel's announcement to troops at Bagram Field in Afghanistan, but they buried it way down in the 16th 'graf where most wouldn't see it.  And they tried to explain away this *stunning* lack of appreciation by saying "It was unclear whether the absence of cheers and applause came from a reluctance to display emotion in front of the Pentagon chief."

Yeah, dat's it--no one wanted to show emotion in front of the clown from Team Obama.

This act by Obama is so far out there--rewarding a deserter, insulting the military, lying about everything--that I think we're approaching a watershed moment. 


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