Friday, June 6

Huge flood of illegals--including thousands of unaccompanies minors--pouring into Texas; and you won't believe Obozo's response!

The story broke two days ago, but if you're a hard-working family-oriented American you almost certainly missed it:  The number of unaccompanied children under 12 from Mexico and Central America illegally entering the U.S. by walking across the Mexican border has almost doubled from this time last year.

The numbers have skyrocketed because La Raza has put out the word that the U.S. government is about to grant amnesty to everyone who's in the U.S. illegally.  Plus, the illegals have known for over a year that the Obama administration hasn't been deporting any illegal immigrants unless they've been convicted of murdering a minority lesbian Democrat.  So for the illegals it's a no-lose proposition:  Make it across and you're home free.

But wait--it gets more outrageous:

Most of the new flood--literally thousands per month--have come across into Texas.  As soon as they're across they turn themselves in to ICE, since ICE won't deport 'em and that gets them a ride for the last leg of the trip courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. 

Oh, and it also provides a record of their arrival date for amnesty (ironic, huh).

ICE and DHS have set up housing in surplus military barracks on a couple of bases in Texas.  But ICE claims they lack the manpower to process the flood of illegals, so on direct orders from Washington ICE is  putting thousands of the illegals on buses--again--and taking them to...Phoenix??

What's in Phoenix that solves the processing problem?  Oh, isn't that where that new multi-million-dollar Undocumented Visitor Processing Center has been built?

Uh, no.  That would be logical.  Which of course rules it out as the reason.  And there's no new immigrant-processing center in Phoenix anyway.  Instead ICE takes them to...the Greyhound bus station? 

Yep, ICE employees simply drop the illegals off at the bus station and hightail it back to Texas.  And at that point--according to ICE--the illegals are totally free to go anywhere in the U.S. that they wish, as long as they promise to appear for a court hearing on their status in a month or so.

If you're, um...a bit cynical about this promise, and feel it likely that only about one percent of 'em will show up for the court date...well, don't say anything or you'll be scheduled for an IRS audit and an early trip to what they're calling a re-education camp.  But you have the consolation of being right:  Team Obama has been releasing illegals into the interior of the U.S. on this same solemn promise for a couple of years now.  And if you press ICE officials hard enough many will quietly admit that they have no way at all--zero--to track the illegals, so if they don't show up again...the gummint can't find 'em.

Now, other cynical Americans--probably all members of wacko conservative groups like the Tea Party--may well wonder what's so special about the bus station in Phoenix that would make ICE officials  order the illegals bused there instead of to a bus station in some Texas city near the border.  One assumes not having to take 'em to Phoenix would save a bunch of money--not that Team Obama has the slightest interest in saving taxpayer bucks, of course.

And the stated reason is...there isn't one.  No reporter has asked, or is likely to.  But the betting is that dumping 'em in Phoenix is a sly way for Team Obama to retaliate against Arizona for having backed Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Jan Brewer's efforts to force the federal gummint to enforce well-known, duly passed immigration laws.

But if you give Team Obama another couple of days they'll come up with some bullshit about why they just had to take 'em to Phoenix.  Cuz, like, you know, Greyhound serves more routes out of Phoenix and they didn't wanna inconvenience the Undocumented Visitors, or some such crap.  Wouldn't wanna irritate future Democrat voters, y'know.

But wait!  It gets even more outrageous!

Not only has Obama requested $2 Billion of taxpayer funds— not to deport the latest flood of illegals but to house 'em, feed 'em and even deliver them to relatives already here, but now Eric Holder--supposedly the nation's top law enforcement official--has announced a new lawless program to actually provide lawyers--at taxpayer expense--to these illegals to ensure they're not deported.

Yes, you heard right:  We're not only rewarding 'em for sneaking in by not deporting 'em, and presumably by giving 'em amnesty, we'll actually be paying their legal fees!  (Safe link to "USA Today.")

But hey, citizen, it's all good.  You Democrats who voted for this lawbreaking piece of shit don't really need bridges and roads repaired, or more unemployment benefits, or whatever service will get cut to cover the cost to feed, house and lawyer-up this latest wave of illegals.  You're comparatively high up the food chain, and you may remember that the Emperor told Joe the Plumber that Americans needed to have some of their income redistributed.

You just didn't think he meant you.

Besides, it's only fair that we give these poor illegal immigrants a break and give them U.S. citizenship ahead of those boring, unimaginative foreigners who actually applied and waited for a decade or so to get citizenship.  Cuz, we Democrats are all about fairness.  Really.


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