Sunday, April 13

What are the chances of the U.S. surviving in anything like its historic form?

In a number of posts I've made an analogy between the U.S. and a large jet headed down at a steep angle.  No matter how much you may want to pull out of the dive, the laws of aerodynamics will only let you change the direction a certain number of degrees per second.

Accordingly, for any given dive angle there's some minimum height above the ground below which you can't avoid a crash.  No matter what you do, it's impossible to recover.

For those who are too young to have enough experience to know, or too uneducated or politically naive to understand, the U.S. is in dire straits.  Dire as in, potentially fatal to life as we've known it up to now.  The decline of our public school systems, corrupt or merely stupid politicians, and the unwillingness of the honest ones to use every tool available to remove and jail the corrupt ones, has probably sealed our fate.

A big part of this is the implementation of government programs that enable people to live without having a job or paying taxes.  This created a class of people who have no interest whatsoever in fiscal responsibility or a balanced budget--indeed, a class who have only the vaguest idea what those terms even mean.  Their only interest is electing whoever promises them the most money, regardless of whether the government has it.

In any case, some folks believe there's still time to pull out of our deadly dive.  I'd like to present their ideas, and see if there are any takers.  Here they are:

1) We need to teach the rich history of liberty to the young.  This is critical because unless a majority of the populace supports the ideas of liberty, we're dead.  Town hall meetings, candidate debates, local talk radio programs, letters to the Editor, every bit helps spread the message. 

2) We need to loudly point out the failures of socialism as they become more and more evident, and suggest better alternatives rooted in the idea that people can solve their own problems better than government can.

3) Stop bickering with other conservatives about the best course of action. When someone else has a different plan, let 'em have at it and see what happens.  For one thing, every small success by any supporter of freedom divides the attention and fire of the "progressives" and socialists, making it easier for other efforts to succeed.

There are also calls for a constitutional convention, but I really don't think that alone will have much effect, because the government is *already* violating that the clear principles of that document.  The problem isn't a lack of documents, but a lack of the power to enforce the principles they contain.

Basically, if the people in the top offices are set on doing unconstitutional things, how do we the people get them to desist?


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