Sunday, March 30

Kid jumps off bridge, dad sues for wrongful death

I realize that in the U.S., anyone can sue for anything.  But getting the permission of a court to actually have a trial can be more difficult.  One would hope judges would use some care in keeping frivolous suits from clogging the legal system.  Admittedly, what one person considers a frivolous lawsuit another may find meritorious.

In any case...After a Cornell freshman was found dead under a bridge, his dad sued Cornell University and the City of Ithaca for $168 million, alleging wrongful death and negligence.

A U.S. district court judge has now ruled that the suit can go to trial.

The lawsuit alleges the university and the city failed to exercise reasonable care in designing, constructing and maintaining the bridge.  But the bridge had railings higher than required by code, and the railings were new and structurally sound, so it's hard to see how negligence or wrongful death can be involved.  But apparently a judge thinks there's enough merit to the suit to warrant a trial.

My guess is that the city will offer half a million to settle the case.  After all, it ain't their money, right?

It'd be nice if a small business could afford to pay half a mil to avoid a million in legal fees.  Oh, wait...the owner would have to come up with that money out of his own pocket.  With any government entity the taxpayers foot the bill.  Makes making costly decisions a hellofa lot easier, eh?


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