Monday, April 7

Congressman doesn't pay rent on office for a whole year, not evicted or sued. Guess the party.

If you own a business or live in an apartment and don't pay your rent, you get evicted.

Oh, well, that is unless you're Democrat congresswhore Charlie Rangel.

In 2013 Rangel didn't pay a nickel of the supposedly $7,000 per month rent to New York State for one of the offices he leases from the state.

And why didn't the state sue him, or evict, or try to collect?  It's a total mystery, eh?  The NY Post found an email from a "real-estate specialist" for the state, written the end of July, 2013, saying "It seems we haven’t gotten the signed lease back because they lost it!”

Okay, Sparky, what did you do next?  Did you notify your boss, or alert a single soul?  Did you alert the newspapers?  Complain to the feds?  C'mon, tell us what you did to justify your taxpayer-paid salary!

The answer one has the balls to investigate.  As a Democrat Rangel is immune not only to eviction but also to prosecution.  As a *black* Democrat he's also immune from serious investigation.

And this is the way America works, children.  If you're a Democrat you can get away with stuff that you couldn't if you were a conservative.  Sweet, eh?

Actually it gets even more outrageous:  Instead of demanding payment of the back rent and late fees from Rangel, state bureaucrats cut him a huge rent break, allowing him to enter into a new, less expensive lease in which he could postpone paying six months of rent. That “abatement” money has still not been paid, nor has the other six months of missed rent from 2013, a OGS official said.  The deal resulted in reducing the rent to $4,809 a month.

When The NY Post asked about the year of missing rent, Rangel’s office and OGS blamed...the federal sequester, not the lost lease referenced in agency correspondence.

Amazing.  But totally normal for Democrats.


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