Friday, April 18

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the absolute lack of morality by the Left and feminists

Does the name Ayaan Hirsi Ali ring a bell?

She's a human rights activist, born in a Muslim country to Muslim parents.  At the age of five (that's not a typo: five)--in line with the widespread Muslim custom for girls--she was held down by a bunch of adult women who proceeded to cut off her clitoris with a razor.

Without anesthesia.

If this doesn't make you ill you probably have a few synapses missing.

Note that this revolting, ghastly mutilation was *not* an aberration, committed by wacko fringe members of the Muslim sect, but something done to virtually all girls in certain Muslim countries.

Did we mention no anesthesia is used?  Think about that for a minute or so.  If you're female that should utterly and completely seal your verdict on what's been so charmingly referred to as "the religion of peace."

It's also worth noting that in western societies this nauseating, barbaric custom has been euphemized to the much less graphic "FGM"--a far-less-revolting trio of letters meaning "female genital mutilation."

Sounds SO much less disturbing, eh?

Whether the universal--I say again, universal--use of this less-distressing acronym by western media is because our refined sensibilities can't stomach the reality or because CAIR and their friends have pressured editors to censor the truth of the matter I leave for you to decide.

In any event, on reaching adulthood Hirsi Ali concluded--based on her personal experiences--that Islam was a primitive, barbaric religion, of which female genital mutilation was simply one facet.  And with the full knowledge of the personal risks she began speaking out against Islam, which she has described as a "backward religion" and as being incompatible with democracy.  She often spoke out against the oppression of women in Islamic countries. 

She also managed to emigrate to the Netherlands and get elected to their parliament--a major accomplishment for a black foreign woman. 

As might be expected, this gave her a great deal more exposure.

It also prompted Muslims to repeatedly threaten her with death.  According to journalist Jason Burke, Hirsi Ali was forced by a judge in the Netherlands to move out of her house in The Hague in early 2006 after the judge decided she was "endangering her neighbors." 

The rationale--if so grand a term can be applied here--was because of the constant death threats she was receiving--from Muslims.  At that point she came to the U.S. where she was offered a position with the American Enterprise Institute--a conservative think-tank.

Between her criticism of Islam--the only religion on Earth approved by the Left--and her popularity as a speaker for the AEI, leftists hate her with a passion.  Which brings us to the present.

Given her tireless push for human rights in the face of death threats (to the point of being forced to move out of her home by *court order*), early this year Brandeis University offered to honor Hirsi Ali with an honorary degree.

Seems innocuous enough, eh?

Hahahahaha!  Obviously you don't know many leftists.  CAIR and the womyn's studies faculty at Brandeis went ballistic, and a petition was circulated demanding that the university withdraw its offer to Hirsi Ali.

In fact, one reporter looked at the Brandeis faculty petition against Ali and found that 21% of the signatures came from faculty associated with the university’s Women and Gender Studies (WGS) program. As a matter of fact, it appears that the controversial petition actually originated with WGS faculty members.

Roll that one around for a minute:  One brave woman--raised in a Muslim family--stands up to Islam.  Gets elected to parliament.  Is threatened  with death by Muslims.  Forced out of her home and out of her seat in parliament.  Still gutsy enough to keep speaking out against barbaric Islamic customs.

Of course since university presidents and all high university officials universally lack balls and fear the left, the university caved, and rescinded the offer.

That's the end of the story.  How any U.S. female can hear this and not be outraged is beyond me, but most of  'em will enthusiastically parrot the Party Line and join the condemnation.

Okay, leftists and feminists:  Please explain why you're not gonna honor this woman.  Explain why your position is logical and reasonable.

If you'd like some time to prepare, go ahead--I'll wait.


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