Thursday, December 5

Any problems with Obama care? Don't blame Democrats! Or the Media!

It's astonishing to watch the thoroughly Democrat-loving, Obozo-loving mainstream media trying SO hard to spin the train wreck of the so-called "Affordable Care Act" into Not Obama's Fault.  Oh, and not Democrats' fault either.

Oh, okay then.  Cool!  Can we go back to American Idol now?

Wait, I know it's been three long years since this ghastly unConstitutional piece of crap was passed, so most of us can't remember a single detail about its passage, but my few remaining brain cells are whispering that autocratic Democrats led by Pelosi and Reid  rammed this into law without a single Republican vote.  So if the Lying Media are now slyly implying that it's not the Democrats' fault, who the hell does the Media think IS to blame for this disaster?

Why, you are, citizen.  Because you haven't gotten out and sung its praises.  Not enough of you have eagerly signed up yet.  Oh, and a few of you have even had the gall to publicly criticize this wonderful law that your selfless president and his Democratic party have brought you. 

You can be assured that we have your names and this treason will not go unpunished.

Oh, and you know who else is to blame for the problems with the Affordable Care Act?  Republicans in congress.  Because they shut down the entire government.  Which caused all the lights to go off, planes to fall out of the sky, entire cities to go up in flames, dogs and cats to fight openly and...hey, you're not paying attention!

But you know who *knew* there were gonna be problems with Obamacare?  Why, us savvy folks in the Media!  Of course being good Democrats we didn't want to actually *say* anything about it to you ordinary people.  Cuz, you know, you really don't need to worry about stuff like that.  But we knew.  So you can't blame us Media elites for not spotting the problems way ahead of time.  Absolutely not!


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