Saturday, November 30

More on that faabulous deal with the Iranian mullahs

The more we learn about the faaabulous deal Obie struck with the mullahs of Iran, the more obvious it is that Obama gave away everything in return for nothing.

Through the many months that Obama's state department were negotiating with the Iranians while keeping U.S. allies in the dark, Washington was very obliging to the mullahs. According to the Times of Israel, as a goodwill gesture to encourage a deal, the U.S. quietly released a number of Iranian prisoners held by U.S. forces.  Iran hasn't reciprocated--clearly because it doesn't feel any need to. 

Saeed Abedini is an American citizen and Christian who has been imprisoned by the Iranians for more than a year for practicing Christianity.  His family say the talks over Iran’s nuclear program were the most promising avenue for winning his release.  But the White House confirmed over the weekend that swapping the release of Iranian prisoners for Abedini’s release was not considered.
When Clinton took office it was said that America was beginning to be viewed as harmless to our enemies and treacherous to our friends.  The Obama administration seems to have raised that to the level of doctrine.

As an example of how naive or stupid or servile--take your pick--Obama's state department munchkins are, consider that when Neville Chamberlain returned from his infamous giveaway of the Sudetenland (and its people) to Hitler in 1938, he at least had the experience to refer to Hitler not by his exalted Nazi title "Der Fuhrer" but simply as "Herr Hitler."  Chamberlain understood that it would be viewed as submissive for the representative of a free people to use a honorific that translates as "Supreme Leader."  By contrast, when Kerry was explaining the current "deal" he noted that "the Supreme Leader has indicated there is a fatwa which forbids them to [develop nuclear weapons].”

The "Supreme Leader” he was referring to was not Barack Obama but Ayatollah Khamenei.  Interesting that Obama's secretary of state had no qualms about calling Khamenei “the Supreme Leader.”

Led by Obama, America is containing and disarming itself.  Now if the mullahs and the Norks and al Qaeda will just join us in singing Kumbayah around the campfire, everything will be just faaabulous.


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