Saturday, November 30

It was inevitable

You absolutely knew this was coming.
New York City's city council is seeking to add electronic cigarettes to the city’s ban on smoking in public places.

Councilman James Gennaro says more and more people are using electronic cigarettes in public places, and that this poses a threat to public health and may encourage a new generation to smoke. He said a loophole in the no-smoking law that permitted electronic cigarettes was "sowing confusion."

People are lighting up electronic cigarettes in restaurants, creating conflict with other patrons and waiters who have to mediate, he said. Mr. Gennaro said children who could not differentiate between regular and electronic smoking were getting the message that smoking is socially acceptable.

“We see these cigarettes are really starting to proliferate, and it’s unacceptable,” Mr. Gennaro said. “I get reports of people smoking cigarettes in public libraries. Certainly, they’re becoming more common in restaurants and bars.”
I'm totally opposed to smoking in public but this is nothing more than another power grab by officious leftists.  Note how easily the councildick blurs the facts by saying "I get reports of people smoking cigarettes in public libraries."  What he means is electronic cigarettes, but why nitpick about little things like accuracy or facts when the goal is so crucial?  Everyone knows smoking is bad, so if Gennaro can win support by conflating electronic smoking with the fire variety, where's the harm?

And note how smoothly the Times ignores the real reason for Gennaro's snit: "It's unacceptable."  Ah.  And that would be unacceptable to...whom?  Oh, I see.  You decided that.  And the reporter knew not to question you about it.  Because leftists.


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