Sunday, December 1

Liberal author on Christ: "There isn't much anyone can agree on."

If you read the following 'graf, what would you conclude about its author?
Who was Jesus anyway? After twenty centuries, there is not much anyone can agree on. The four canonical gospels don’t measure up to modern standards of biographical writing, and—outside of this material—there is precious little contemporary evidence, apart from a few glancing mentions of Jesus or the movement centered on him. In truth, Jesus did not, in his own time, attract much notice.
If you guessed "a liberal writer for" you win.

Seriously, "After twenty centuries there is not much anyone can agree on"?  Wow, who knew?

And complaining that "The four canonical gospels don't measure up to modern standards of biographical writing."  Oh, you bet.  Moreover, the authors didn't even have 'em notarized or anything.  What were they thinking?  Shoot, I don't know how we can trust a single word they wrote!

There's been a renaissance in Jesus scholarship in the last half century...and yet we still can’t say that much about Jesus, as a man. We don’t know much about his first thirty years, even where or how he was educated.
Sorta' like if today someone managed to seal all their college records?  Yeah, I totally see.

Really, you have to read the article to grasp this guy's apparent contempt for Christianity.  Fortunately he isn't typical of most liberal elites, who view Christianity with exactly the same reverence and respect they have for...Islam.


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