Sunday, May 19

How many Obama officials are married to media presidents?

Paranoid right-wing nutters charge that our wonderful media is biased in favor of our wonderful Leader.  This is a scurrilous rumor pushed by his political enemies and there's no truth to it whatsoever.

Of course it's a free country--unless you're a Tea Party insurrectionist, of course--so a few media types may have some distant connection to our wonderful Administration.  For instance, CNN VP and Deputy Bureau Chief of the DC bureau, Virginia Moseley, just happens to be married to a fellow who was Hillary Clinton's deputy secretary until this past February.

Virginia spent 18 years at ABC, most recently as senior Washington producer for “Good Morning America.” She has also been ABC’s senior political editor.  So yes, she's pretty influential.  But you can't possibly think...

Well, and the brother of the president of CBS News--David Rhodes-- (brother is Ben Rhodes) is a top official in the Administration.

Oh, and the sister of ABC president Ben Sherwood (Elizabeth Sherwood) is a high-level Obama advisor.

But no one could possibly believe that connections like these would cause any of these fine organizations to slant their coverage of our wonderful president by even an iota.  I mean, that's just utterly crazy!

I don't know any husband who would change any business decisions to help his wife gain greater influence in her job, or vice versa.  That's just crazy talk.


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