Saturday, February 9

Muslim fanatics kill 9 women--world's leftists yawn

Leftists and liberals and Democrats constantly tell us that Islam is "the religion of peace." Well, here's yet another example.

Following is from a loony right-wing blog site:
KANO, Nigeria -- Gunmen suspected of belonging to a radical Islamic sect shot and killed at least nine women who were taking part in a polio vaccination drive in northern Nigeria on Friday.
Roll that around in your mind for a minute:

Nine. Women.

Presumably unarmed.

Giving potentially lifesaving vaccinations to kids. And thanks to western generosity the vaccinations are given at no cost to the parents.

Civilized folks know polio is a bad thing, and that it can be prevented--painlessly--by a drop of liquid on the tongue. But in many Islamic countries such a miracle is viewed as an EEEeevil curse inflicted by da white debbils.

Okay, everyone's entitled to be ignorant.  But you'd think that if local religious wackos objected they'd just refuse to let their own kids be immunized, or maybe refuse to let the immunization team enter a village.

But of course that's not the Islamic way. Gotta shoot the immunization team instead.

Nine. Defenseless. Women.

Way to go, wackos.  No way in hell is Islam a "religion of peace."

And for every western newpaper that gave this story one inch on page A-16:  By effectively ignoring this you're complicit in this abomination.


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