Sunday, July 15

'Banker's son, football star, kills girl in car accident'

Here's a story that should make your blood boil:
St. Paul, MN-- A 16-year-old high school girl was sitting on the grass at her school, nowhere near the street, when an SUV vaulted over the curb, struck and killed her.

The vehicle was driven by a star football player at the school, son of a prominent Christian banker. The driver had been convicted of drunk driving in 2001 and had had his license revoked. He never tried to get it reinstated, and just a few months ago he was convicted of driving without a license, but avoided jail because his father was a prominent figure in the community.
Does that seem somehow...unfair to you that the driver didn't get jail time for his drunk driving charge, nor for driving without a license, simply because he was a star athlete and the son of rich parents? I know it sure struck me as a horrible miscarriage of justice. Indeed, there was no justice here at all, and as a result an innocent teen--who wasn't even near the street--is dead.

Oh, wait, I seem to have gotten a scrambled story off the Net: Seems the driver in this case wasn't a star football player, nor the son of a banker, nor of prominent parents.

So how the hell did he manage to avoid jail on the drunk-driving and driving without a license charges? What was the guy doing still driving a car?

Oh, now I see: Driver was an illegal immigrant, and because the mayor and police chief of St. Paul have announced they won't penalize or deport illegals, they gave the guy a slap on the wrist for the two earlier charges and let him go.

Nice, huh.

Would the cops have given your son that same deal? Not on your life.

And now that Obozo has announced it's now the official policy of his government to NOT enforce immigration laws, that sort of treatment will become the norm everywhere, instead of just in so-called sanctuary cities--whose nutty residents apparently approved that policy and thus deserve every consequence thereof.

Oh, and one final coda to this one: The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported the girl's death and funeral, with the following headline:
St. Paul teen killed by SUV remembered at her funeral.’
"Killed by SUV," eh?

Damn SUV just decided to go for a spin by itself. That would indeed be quite a story.

But since that didn't happen, it's almost like the paper wants you to miss the real story.

And before anyone rushes to point out that native-born Americans cause a lot more fatal auto accidents than illegals, I'm well aware. That wasn't the point. Rather, it was that under our current liberal rules, illegals who have broken some *other* law are often released without any action.

So much for being a nation of laws, eh?


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