Friday, June 22

Uptick in unemployment? Trivial, if prez is a Dem

Browsing thru old saved files on my computer, found this from a year ago. It's an Associated Press story about the U.S. economy--and it's...odd. See if you can spot the clunker:
American companies are on a hiring spree. [Did I miss that?]

Businesses delivered a jolt of strength to the economy by creating 268,000 jobs in April, the biggest monthly total since 2006. The gains were solid across an array of industries, even beleagured construction.

It was the third month in a row of at least 200,000 new jobs. The private sector has added jobs for 14 straight months.
And then at the end of the third 'graf is this little by-the-way:
Even a slight rise in the unemployment rate to 9 percent appears to be a quirk.
Did ya get that? Unemployment UP two-tenths, to a brutal 9 percent, and the AP propagandists call it "a quirk." A trivial footnote, and you are to pay it no heed whatsoever.

Yes, all is rosy here in the land of King Barack.

All. Is. Rosy.

One would sure as hell hope the economy was wunnerful, after Obama and the Democrats spent $800 Billion that we didn't have--so they borrowed from China--on "stimulus" programs.

And that mere two-tenths rise in unemployment? That little blip that the AP calls a mere "quirk?" When George Bush or any other Republican was president, can you recall ever seeing even one article where a two-tenths increase in unemployment was not only buried at the end of the 3rd paragraph, but touted as a *good thing*?

But with a Democrat at the helm--let alone one as fabulous as Obama--suddenly a jump in the nation's already-high unemployment rate is just "a quirk," thus presumably almost trivial?

In case you didn't translate "quirk" as "trivial," the AP propagandist makes it clearer:
The rise in the unemployment rate...the first increase since November...appeared to be due to a temporary disparity in two surveys the government uses to track jobs.
A side-bar with the article explains how the unemployment figure is derived, and says the problem was a sharp drop in the number of *farm workers,* adding "Economists suspect that may have been because bad weather delayed planting."

Who knew that bad weather could cause unemployment to rise by two-tenths of a percent? Must have been really bad, and over the entire U.S. Probably caused by global warming or something.

The sad thing is, 52 percent of American voters who read the article just quoted didn't see a thing unusual about it. They bought it, lock, stock and barrel.

The AP sure knows its target audience.

[Sorry I can't give you a link because I saw it in print form.]


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