Saturday, June 16

What's Holder thinking?

Blogger Wretchard (Richard Fernandez) is a veteran of communist insurgencies in the Filipines, and a very keen analyst. He's as fascinated as the rest of us by the current dustup between Holder and congress. Here's his take:
Two possibilities. 1) [Holder's] confidence is based on stupidity; or 2) his confidence is based on insurance.

If it is the first then Eric Holder is putting his trust in the unshakeable integrity, loyalty and fidelity of his boss, who would never, ever throw him under the bus.

With all due respect, I think there's a third possibility: Holder confidence is based on his inspired belief in the infallibility of his boss, Obozo.

So yes, that does mean Eric Holder is trusting in the integrity, loyalty and fidelity of his boss. To someone who's not a true believer this seems pretty stupid, but to a True Believer there's simply no debate: The believer does not question--indeed, is emotionally incapable of questioning--the divinity of the one being worshipped. And to suffer 'political death' in the service of the Chosen One is not a bad or sad thing, but something to be cheerfully offered, like martyrdom.

True Believers will dive under the wheels of the bus with a clear conscience, knowing that they have served The Chosen One and The Cause with all their hearts.

In some ways it's eerily like the mindset of suicide bombers.


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