Monday, June 18

Occupy Oakland attacks conference against child trafficking??

Remember "Occupy Wall Street"? While most of the groups fizzled out, the protest in the Peoples' Republic of Oakland is still alive. And their most recent protest...ah, sheds an interesting light on their "thought processes" (quotes intentional).

Five days ago (June 13th) a conference--the National Human Exploitation And Trafficking Watch Conference--was held in Oakland. It seems to be a bunch of organizations dedicated to ending child sex exploitation and trafficking--a pretty unopposable goal, IMO.

But to the brain-trusts of Occupy, this group represented eeevil Kapitalism at its worst. The reasoning behind this conclusion was hard to follow. In fact, it was so convoluted and paranoid as to be almost irrational. But then, you sort of expected that, didn't you?

Click on the link for pics and narrative from Zombie--who singlehandedly gathers more news on West Coast crazy leftists than all the MSM combined.

Update: Finally found the bitching point for Occupy: In the view of the militant feminist activists, the anti-child-trafficking movement "is primarily a Christian fundamentalist movement." Ah, now it makes sense, because all good anti-Americans know that Christianity is nothing but a form of Patriarchy, and thus must be opposed by good little revolutionaries everywhere.

More on their logic from an Occupy flyer:
Conference organizers claim their intention is to combat the sex trafficking of children and find "solutions" to "respond" to children coerced into sex work. We are here to expose the blatant lie in this claim.

The official, police-sanctioned campaign to combat the sex trafficking of children is nothing more than a patronizing, patriarchal guise that is used to support intensified supression of sex workers and the further empowerment of police agencies at their expense.

This is yet another instance of police and the criminal justice system colluding for increased policing in places where sex work takes place, using the false pretense of "concern" for the most exploited people in society as a cover.
So if I'm reading them right, all the supposed concern for children forced into sex work is really just a "false pretense" that's simply a "cover" for...what, increased policing? This is so paranoid as to warrant institutionalization.

I have this inkling that if Christians advocated breathing oxygen, the Occupy crowd would be marching with signs demanding we revolt against oxygen.


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