Thursday, June 28

MSM doing a fine job--of supporting Dems

Results of a poll just published by NBC and the Wall Street Journal have some fascinating implications for the future of this nation. (Scroll down in the link to find a link to the actual poll results.)

Let me quickly note that I take poll results with a huge grain of salt because it's been pretty conclusively shown that one can produce about any desired result by wording questions... artfully. But with that disclaimer:

A full year after the Solyndra debacle went public--showing that Obama's Department of Energy had given taxpayer-backed loan guarantees of a Billion dollars to a company that never made a profit and indeed quickly went bankrupt--a whopping 59 percent of those polled answered "don't know" when asked for their opinion of Solyndra.

Unless you're a liberal, you probably wonder how that percentage of respondents could be unaware of Solyndra and whether it was a disaster, when there seemed to be lots of stories about it in both print and network news programs.

I think the likely answer is that the roughly 40% of the electorate that identifies as liberal and/or Democrat automatically tuned out any mention of Solyndra, since it could be seen as making their president look bad.

In addition, I suspect at least a third of conservatives (and 3/4ths of liberals/Democrats) are "low-information" voters, meaning they're not particularly interested in the details of arcane national economic stories like Solyndra.

Contrast the Solyndra results with those for another question: "Do you know Mitt Romney's religion?" Over two-thirds of respondents knew he was Mormon.

The response on Solyndra suggests that the MSM is doing its usual job of minimizing stories favorable to Republicans. But reporters and editors--overwhelmingly liberal and Democrat-supporting--have kept up a steady barrage of stories on Romney's religion--and in particular the weird or scary aspects thereof.

Hmmm. Why do you suppose they'd do that?


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