Saturday, June 23

Who has raised more money for the election?

Have you read or seen any stories that Romney has raised more money than Obama?

No? Well here's the headline from a Bloomberg story from June 20th:
Romney Reaps Donations From Backers of Primary Opponents
Yes, I know it doesn't literally say that Romney has outraised Obozo, but then look at this line:
Several donors gave $5,000 to Romney, who became the first Republican since Richard Nixon in 1972 to raise private money for the general election.
See? With Romney's connections and ultra-rich friends he can raise dat eeeebil private money--and we all know what that does to elections, don't we?

You have to read more to learn that
Following the Watergate break-in scandal that led to Nixon’s resignation in 1974, Congress offered public financing to candidates who agreed to forgo raising private money, and every major-party nominee except Obama in 2008 took the federal funds. This year both campaigns will be funded entirely with private money.
But placed as it is after the damning graf about "first Republican since Nixon to raise private money for the general election," how many readers would come away with the wrong impression?

Then there's this:
casino executive Sheldon Adelson and his family, who had contributed $21.5 million to a political action committee supporting Gingrich, gave $10 million in June to a pro-Romney super-PAC, Restore Our Future. Texas businessman Robert Brockman...gave $1 million through three other companies to the super-PAC supporting Romney.
Gettin' the picture yet? The MSM wants you to know Romney's got the connections and is raking in bucks hand over fist. It's not til many grafs down in the article that you finally see the truth:
Obama has now raised $261.4 million for his re-election and Romney $123.6 million.
But you sure wouldn't get that impression without a very thorough read. And apparently newspaper folks know that the average reader rarely reads past the first couple of 'grafs.


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