Saturday, June 23

What if BUSH had refused to enforce a constitutional law?

If you're a liberal/Democrat you're probably completely fine with Obozo's "directive" that federal employees stop deporting children of illegals (if they weren't born here or naturalized). After all, it's just *sad* to deport them, because they didn't have any say in the matter when their parents brought them here, et cetera.

If that's how you feel, try this thought experiment: Back when W was president, suppose Repubs in congress introduced a bill to cut taxes for ONLY the top two percent of wage earners. Then suppose this bill was defeated by Dems in congress, because they controlled both houses.

Now suppose Bush simply issued a "directive" saying that from that point on, the tax rate for people making over $750,000 a year would be--oh, say five percent.

Would you have had a problem with such a directive, which clearly violated existing law? If you're honest...never mind. No sense in trying to make that hypothetical work.


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