Monday, August 29

Democrat intellectual: "Danger isn't huge debt, but Fox News and WSJ"

Did you hear the one about the U.S. being in great danger because we owe $14 Trillion dollars on money the government's borrowed?

Turns out that according to a former Secretary of Labor for Bill Clinton, the U.S. is NOT in any jeopardy because of our huge national debt!

Whew, that's such a relief! For a second there I was gettin' pretty worried.

But this same guy says we ARE in danger, just not from the huge debt. Instead, he claims the peril is due to--are you sitting down?--lies allegedly told by Fox news and the Wall Street Journal's editorial page.

His actual tweet (7 a.m. Central time today) was:
America is imperiled not because we're broke but because Americans are being fed continuous lies by Fox News and WSJ editorial page.
The stunner is that this isn't just some anonymous socialist idiot spouting off at Democratic Underground or Daily Kos, but Robert Reich--a guy regarded as one of the main intellectual lights of the Democratic party.

Again: He's widely regarded as one of the main intellectual lights of their party.

Why would Reich claim our huge debt is NOT a problem? Could it possibly be one more move designed to shift blame from failed Democratic/Socialist policies of the welfare state onto the convenient enemies of that state, Fox and the WSJ?

Looks like Reich is angling for a job in Obama's wreck of an administration.


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