Saturday, August 27

Libyan rebels may have uncovered 25-year-old hoax

If you're over 50 or so, you may remember that back in 1986, Libyan "agents" (terrorists) bombed a nightclub in Germany that was popular with U.S. troops stationed there. After determining who the bombers were, President Reagan said, in effect, "If you bomb U.S. personnel, you'll pay a price," and he ordered U.S. forces to bomb Qadaffy's compound in Tripoli.

Not wanting that to happen again, Qadaffy announced that the raid had killed his six-month-old adopted daughter, Hana, and showed friendly journalists the body of a baby that age.

Predictably, leftist media outlets around the world pushed the story endlessly, reinforcing the meme that the U.S. routinely went around the world killing babies.

Any of that ring any bells?

Now it turns out that may have all been a hoax: Libyan rebels who overran Qadaffy's main residence/bunker report finding an entire group of files on "Hana," who now seems to be a 25-year-old doctor practicing in Tripoli.


If this person does turn out to be Qadaffy's adopted daughter--proving the hoax--wonder if we'll get any corrections (and apologies) from Time, Newsweek and all the other lefty rags that bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker?


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