Sunday, June 19

Free booze during work hours for selected federal employees

Whaddya think about that beer and wine party for federal employees during working hours on Thursday, June 30th?

Pretty sweet, eh? And the fact that the federal government--i.e. taxpayers, which is you and me--is paying for free beer, wine and food is just too, too fabulous!

What? You didn't get the memo? Guess you don't work for the Civil Rights division of Eric Holder's Department of Injustice. Cuz they're getting this sweet deal.

Here's the memo:
The Civil Rights Division will host a get-together on Thursday, June 30th in the Main Justice Courtyard, from 3 p.m. until 6. Beer, wine and snacks will be served. Come on out and say hello to your co-workers! Hope to see you there!
Being a (statistically) overpaid government employee isn't enough anymore, the political appointees want to sweeten the pot with free booze during working hours? Boy, talk about tone-deaf.

Imagine the howls of outrage from Democrats/liberals/"progressives" if, say, the Heritage Foundation paid for beer and wine for its employees during working hours and then deducted it as a business expense, reducing their taxes. (I know, Heritage is probably a nonprofit but work with me here.)

Not a valid comparison, Dems would surely say, because Holder's division doesn't deduct it as a business expense! So there's no loss to government rev...oh, wait.


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