Sunday, April 10

Trump gets Obama birth controversy into the Times

Okay, this is fabulous: Donald Trump is both a New Yorker and famous. So when some moronic reporter at the New York Slimes writes something derogatory about him, and Trump decides to respond, the paper can't very well ignore that response without looking--scared.

So...a week ago Trump said that while he hoped Barack Obama was indeed born in Hawaii, he thought there were lots of legitimate questions about why Obama had refused to release his actual, "long form" birth certificate.

That would be the one that shows the name of the hospital where he was born, name of the doctor and head nurse and other information that could actually be verified.

Alert! Alert! Liberal media damage control team to the press room, stat!

And so the Times allowed reporter Gail Collins to tar Trump as a "birther"--the cutesy derogatory term by which liberals have been able to deflect any serious investigation of the question of the actual birthplace of the preposterous imposter in the White House.

Trump was having none of it, and fired a response back at the author.

But where the same letter from you or me or any of the dozen experts on this matter would be totally ignored by the Times, they couldn't get away with that with Trump. And the result is a delightful summary--printed in the Times--of the very controversy the Times was trying to keep from the public.

Gotta love it.


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