Sunday, March 27

Creeping Sharia, part 8,374

A couple lives in an advanced country with a centuries-long tradition of civilized behavior, law and stable government. Their young daughter is scheduled for an operation, and the father plans to reduce her anxiety by staying in the hospital room with her the night before the operation.

Oh no, say the hospital administrators. "That isn't allowed." Why not, he asks. "Because the Muslims won't allow it."

Say what??

"Certainly. Because if a Muslim mother happens to stay here overnight with her child, then if you were here too the Muslims say it would violate Islamic law. Because the two of you would be in the same room without a chaperone. Or something."

Husband is stunned. "Muslims comprise less than five percent of the population here, so by what black magic are they dictating your policies?"

Hospital administrator: "Oh my, look at the time! I must go!"

This actually happened in Austria, but this is how it happens everywhere, folks. And it's why scores of U.S. states have passed "No Sharia law can be imposed here" laws.

Interestingly, the courts and the feds are either striking these down as fast as possible, or suing states to prevent their enforcement. Wonder why....

Could it be because the federal government--as currently constituted under King Hussein--completely supports the fundamentalist-Muslim agenda?


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