Saturday, March 26

Biden: "Going to war w/o congressional approval is impeachable." Oh, wait...

Watching breath-taking hypocrisy from the nation's top elected officers is painful.

This link has a video of vp Biden back in 2002 or so, and he's saying how *terribly serious* it would be for a president to go to war without getting congressional permission.

He said he considered this so TERRIBLY serious that he said he'd asked five constitutional experts to draft a resolution on the issue, and vowed that if Bush went to war in Iraq (or Iran--Biden says "Iran" four times, so he probably doesn't know one from the other) he'd introduce a resolution to impeach the president.

This video is just painful to watch, since it shows how morons can get elected--and keep getting re-elected--in this once-great nation.

And of course it also shows the utter moral bankruptcy of the Democratic party, since they all posed and postured and preened about how the would impeach Bush if he went to war without getting congressional backing; but now that a Democrat is prez (at least between vacations), not a single one is worried enough about the constitutional requirement to raise the point.

Oh, say Dennis Kucinich did? Well look again, cupcake: Kucinich backed off like he'd been scalded, saying he was simply looking into the constitutionality of ordering American forces to war in Libya, and never never never had any intention of actually, y'know, introducing a motion to impeach.

Hypocrites and liars, every damn one of them.


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