Saturday, April 9

Obozo's 'solution' to $4 gasoline? "Buy a new car."

A couple of days ago the nation's ineligible president appeared in a public Q&A session. One guy said gasoline prices had doubled in two years and asked Obozo if they were likely to ever come back down.

This put the Kenyan con-man in a bind: He couldn't argue that he was doing everything possible to bring gas prices down, because his administration had essentially ended drilling in American waters in the astonishingly prolific Gulf of Mexico. (Which prompted several of the huge, expensive, specialized floating drilling rigs to leave the Gulf and head for sure work off Brazil.)

He couldn't reasonably argue that it was all the Republicans' fault, since the GOP has always pushed for more drilling here in the U.S.

What to do, what to do??

So he made what he considered a joke: "If you're getting 8 miles per gallon, buy a new car."

In case you didn't realize that was a joke, the official White House transcript added "[Laughter]"

Mark Steyn wasn't amused:
America, 2011: A man who gets driven in a motorcade at taxpayers' expense sneers at a man who has to drive himself to work. A guy who has never generated a dime of wealth, never had to make payroll, never worked at any job other than his own tireless self-promotion cannot comprehend that out there beyond his motorcade's outriders are people who have to drive a long distance to jobs, and whose economic viability is greatly diminished when getting there costs twice as much as the buck-eighty-per-gallon it cost back at the dawn of the Hopeychangey Era.

So what? Your fault. Should have gone to Columbia and Harvard and become a community organizer.

Hope. Change. I hope we can change presidents in 2012.


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